EDPMS v2.0

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Friday, October 07, 2011
Electronic Drug Price Monitoring System version 2.0
Online Data Entry System

Step 1     Logging in to the System

Open your browser and go to http://uhmis2.doh.gov.ph/edpms
Click Login and type your Username and Password in the field provided
Note: Some reasons for logging in failure
1. User ID or Password is invalid
- Your user name or password was not found in the database.

Contact EDPMS Helpdesk
2. User Validity Date Expired
- Your account is already expired. Contact EDPMS Helpdesk to renew.
3. User Validity Date is Invalid
- Your account is not yet active. Contact EDPMS Helpdesk to activate.

Step 2    Selecting Drugs

Click Online Data Entry and then Select Drugs
Click Drug List to open the list of drugs
Select the Drugs that you are selling in your facility by clicking the Drug Name or checking the Checkbox
Click Save to save your selection

Step 3     Entering Prices

Click Online Data Entry and then Enter Prices
You will see the drugs you have selected with the fields provided for the prices
Complete each form and click save icon in the right side of each form
A Confirmation Box will appear, Click Confirm to complete the transaction Repeat the operation until no drugs are shown.


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